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Department of Personnel Services
:: Office of the Diaconate
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Contact the Diaconate Office...
(708) 366 - 8900
(708) 366 - 8968
Office of the Diaconate Archdiocese of Chicago
816 Marengo Avenue
Forest Park, IL 60130
Deacon Richard F. Hudzik, D.Min.
Vicar for Deacons
Rev. Michael Ahlstrom,
Vicar emeritus for Deacons
Deacon Dave Brencic,
 Associate Director of the Diaconate

Deacon Enrique Alonso
Associate Director for the Hispanic Diaconate
 Deacons can place notices on the website
by contacting Deacon Richard Hudzik
or by phone at (708) 366-8900