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Chicago Deacons
Credit hours are to be distinguished from total hours. The following activities are not normally considered credit hours: 
  1. Travel to and from the place where instruction is given.
  2. Informal meetings and conferences.
  3. Prayer services and liturgies.
  4. Spiritual direction sessions or retreats.
  5. Parish council or committee meetings.
  6. Social gatherings.
  7. Archdiocesan, parish, diaconate board, council and committee meetings.
  8. Support group functions.
  9. Courses not related to ministerial service.
  10. Service on retreat or spiritual formation teams.
  11. Tapes and books for individual study and reflection.

 Ministerial Development Hours Policy for Deacons

1. The first three years after ordination, 100 hours of ministerial development are required, that is 33 hours  per year. Sixty hours must be completed in the mandatory Emmaus Program.

2.  After the Emmaus Program is complete,  20 hours are required each year.


3.  After age 60 and 10 years of ordination are completed, 10 hours are required.


4. After age 70 and 10 years of ordination are completed, 5 hours are required each year. (Senior deacons are also required to do 5 hours)


Canon law reguires every deacon to do an annual retreat. 

Regular spiritual direction is highly encouraged.  Retreats and individual spiritual direction do not count for computing the hours of ongoing ministerial development.