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Hope’s on the Way

The efforts of Hope’s on the Way (HOTW) have many dimensions, from being second responders who have assisted in the rebuilding process in Louisiana and Alabama, to serving the local and communal needs.

HOTW’s broader visions include focusing the public’s awareness on the struggles of families and individuals to rebuild after catastrophe, organize and lead volunteer groups to help with restoration of homes and people’s lives, provide a mission team to witness through service and, by physical presence, be an example of hope for the community. The group also focuses on networking and publicity to bring further attention to the pain after a disaster. The group has been operating in Chicago since 2008.

Buckets of Hope for Hurricane Victims

Hope’s on the Way will aid victims of hurricane disaster by putting together Buckets of Hope filled with cleaning items. The organization’s goal is to put together 1,000 buckets. See below for the list of bucket items needed. 

  • Two 12-16 oz. bottles of liquid household cleaner; cleaner will be mixed with water (no bleach).

  • One 16-28 oz. bottle of dish soap; any brand is fine.

  • Two 25 oz. or one 50 oz. bottle of liquid laundry detergent.

  • One can of air freshener (aerosol or pump).

  • Eighteen cleaning wipes or reusable wipes (no terry cleaning towels).

  • Seven sponges (no cellulose due to mold issue).

  • Five scouring pads (no pads of any kind that will rust).

  • One scrub brush, plastic or wooden handle (no toilet bowl or kitchen brushes).

  • Clothes line (two 50-foot or 100-foot cotton or plastic).

  • Fifty clothes pins.

  • Two pairs of disposable waterproof gloves (rubber or plastic).

  • One pair of work gloves (leather palms necessary).

  • Twenty-four heavy-duty trash bags (30 to 45-gallon size).

  • Five dust masks.

Please note most items can be found for $1 at Dollar Tree stores. 

If you’d like to make a monetary contribution of support, the average cost of each bucket (supplies included) is $30. Checks should be made out to Hope's on the Way and mailed to:

Office of the Diaconate
Hurricane Assistance
816 Marengo Ave.
Forest Park, IL 60130

A few projects completed by Hope’s on the Way:

In Chicago, since 2008:
  • St. Rene Vestibule and Narthex: This includes 270 hours of labor by nine volunteers.

  • St. Vincent De Paul Family Store: This includes 400 hours of labor provided by 50 volunteers.

  • New Chapel at Our Lady of Peace Church: This includes 224 hours of labor by 14 volunteers.

  • Deacon Hill Hall: This includes 1,700 hours of labor by 37 volunteers.

  • Saint Francis De Paula Shelter: This includes 80 hours of labor by 10 volunteers.

  • Community Center for Saints Peter and Paul Parish: This includes 2,250 hours of labor by 53 volunteers.

  • Cardinal Stritch Retreat House: This includes painting rooms and restoration, painting of outdoor stations and benches. In addition, it includes 77 labor hours by 11 volunteers.

  • Zacchaeus House: This includes 256 hours of labor by eight volunteers.

  • Monica House for Women: painting and electrical update July 2015. This includes 140 hours of labor by 10 volunteers.

  • Emmaus Ministries: This includes more than 125 hours of labor by eight volunteers.

Throughout the United States:
  • “Buckets of Hope” for 2016 Victims of Louisiana Flooding (Link).

  • Fosters, Alabama: 397 hours of labor by 9 volunteers, $15,000 in goods and services provided in October 2011.

  • 57,600 hours of labor were provided in Louisiana from 2005 – 2009 by 127 volunteers, with more than $800,000 in goods and services.

  • “Buckets of Hope” for Victims of Hurricane Sandy (Link).

  • For more information, visit