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Emmaus Ministries

Founded in 1990 by Deacon John Green, Emmaus Ministries is an ecumenical outreach of Roman Catholics and Evangelical Christians to men caught in prostitution. Emmaus staff and volunteers reach out to men on the streets at night and staff a drop-in center during the day.

This is a ministry of presence to those who have become used to rejection from family, friends, and society. 

Ways to Serve Emmaus Ministries

It takes a community of healthy believers to help the prodigal son find his way home. Many different kinds of people with many different kinds of gifts are needed to see this vision to completion.

Individuals and groups donate their time, talents, and finances in many ways. Some volunteers work directly with the men, while others serve in administrative or non-direct service roles. 

Youth groups go door-to-door or hold food drives in their churches. Small groups prepare meals for the Ministry Center and collect warm clothing. Each role is vital. Every year, many youth, college and adult groups come to Emmaus for one day or more of service. Volunteers often describe their service with Emmaus as a life-changing experience. 

Please consider partnering with Emmaus in one of the following areas:

  • Volunteer with Our Guests: Direct Service
  • Volunteer for Our Guests: Behind the Scenes
  • Full Time Volunteer Service: Kaio Community
  • Employment with Emmaus
  • Workgroups and Special Projects
  • Volunteer Training

For more information, please contact the Educational Ministries Director at 773.334.6063, or visit [email protected]